CED EU Info 2015/04

Issue 4 - December 2015


Cross-Border Healthcare

A report about how EU citizens are using the opportunity to benefit cross-border healthcare was released on 4 September. In this report, the European Commission concludes that patients have to be better informed about the options they have and the procedures they need to follow in order to benefit from cross-border healthcare. Citizens should find out about their rights with the National Contact Points. At present, all EU Member States have at least one in place.

The report suggests further improvement in the way some countries grant prior authorisation. It recognises that the low demand for cross-border healthcare can be a result of other factors (e.g. unwillingness of patients to travel, language barriers, price differentials and acceptable waiting times for treatment).

According to the report, the Cross-Border Directive has contributed to a number of positive reforms in national healthcare systems. The advance of telemedicine (health services provided remotely) is likely to become more significant in the future. The report recommends developing or clarifying current EU rules on how access to and reimbursement for this kind of healthcare is done at national level.

The report is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/health/cross_border_care/docs/2015_operation_report_dir201124eu_en.pdf

Looking for your National Contact Point? (Alphabetised listing provided by the Commission)



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