CED EU Info 2015/04

Issue 4 - December 2015


TTIP update

During the last few months, transparency of TTIP negotiations has increased due to public and political pressure. At present, all relevant documents containing the EU position are available online. The same cannot be said with regards the US position, as the EU is bound to secrecy and the US has threatened to leave the deal if its position is disclosed.

The 11th round of negotiations took place in Miami between 19 and 23 October. Negotiators made substantial progress on market access for EU and US companies on tariffs, services and public procurement.

Both sides also intensified discussions on regulatory cooperation and rules areas. The EU took the opportunity to clarify main principles of regulatory cooperation:
•    Any cooperation is possible only if the level of protection for consumers stays the same or improves
•    Any form of regulatory cooperation will not change or affect the EU regulatory and democratic process

With regards the protection of public services, the European Commission has stated in the past that EU Member States remain entirely free to manage public services (i.e. on monopolies, on access to the market, on subsidies and on regulation) as they wish.

The last round report can be found here. The 12th round will be in February 2016 in Brussels.



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